Light Weight Case Table

The light weight case table is a roll a long case which you can change to a table in seconds just by taking the door off and placing it on the top. It’s fixed with two push in bolt for quickness. It can come in any size or style to suit your act and can have  a shelf fitted for trick management. You can also add a cloth around the front of it to give a different look

Add an extra shelf  £15.00

Add servente  £25.00

Dimensions (one shown) 900mm x 470mm x 375mm

Weight only 11.5KG

Colours available in light weight board are BLACK/RED/BLUE



Front view of the light weight case table set up

Rear view of the light case table set up with one shelf

Light weight case table all closed up and ready for transporting


Light weight case table in red with two shelves

Colours available in the light weight board

Front view of a red light weight case set up

You can add a extra box that fits on top of the case table so it ideal height for puppets (extra cost)

Front view of the extra box with puppet

The extra box can be stored in the case table for transporting

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