Walk On Table

The light weight walk on table is designed to look like a standard roll on table but can be folded down for ease of transportation and storage. It comes with one shelf but an additional shelf can be added and a servente can also be added to the table.

Size set up to follow  620mm x 880mm x 290mm

Size folded to follow 620mm x 450mm x 80mm


Additional shelf                       £15.00

Add A Carrie Bag                    £35.00

Add a light weight flight case £80.00

Weight only 6 KG



Front view of the light weight walk on table

Rear view of the light walk on table with two shelves


Front view of a black light weight walk on table

Carry bag for walk on table (at extra cost)

It takes approximately 30 seconds to set up

Walk on table folded down shown in its Flight case (flight case extra cost)

Colours available in the light weight board

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